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Your Law Firm’s Website Photoshoot

Effective websites need great content, and that includes professional photos.
The old adage that a picture conveys a thousand words rings true in digital marketing.
The photos on your law firm’s website should reflect your professionalism and your unique approach to practicing law.

Law Firm Website Photo Tips from the Experts

When it comes to Internet marketing, your business’ website is an important piece of digital real estate. A properly executed website with crisp photos makes a great impression on potential clients. Our digital marketing agency has helped thousands of attorneys throughout the United States develop impactful websites and marketing strategies. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a law firm’s website photos great, we’ve created a handy guide.


Hire a Professional Photographer

A few shots taken from your iPhone won’t do. Your law firm’s website needs photos taken by a professional with excellent equipment and stellar lighting. Hiring a professional photographer isn’t as daunting a task as you might think. Ask your peers for a recommendation or visit Thumbtack—a website that places local photographers with clients. You can peruse thousands of photographer portfolios on Thumbtack to find the one that meets your needs and budget.


Preparing for the Photoshoot

Properly preparing for your photoshoot helps ensure that you receive great photos. First, alert all law firm personnel to the date of your photo shoot via e-mail so they can add it to their calendars. Missing a key member of your team can increase your costs with reschedules. In addition to an initial e-mail, set up a reminder about your upcoming photoshoot about a week in advance.

Hire a professional cleaning crew to give your office a great scrub down. Make sure that all your office furniture is dust-free and all reflective surfaces are without streaks and smudges. Important areas like conference rooms, offices, and lobbies must be decluttered, too.


Choose the Right Clothing

You and your law firm’s staff need to wear the right clothing.


  • No busy patterns / extreme colors / more than one pastel
  • Bring at least 2 tie options, 2 shirt options (button ups are ideal), and a jacket that matches your pants
  • Hair: consider scheduling a haircut a few days before your shoot, and avoid adding too much product to your hair prior to the shoot. Bring hair product along with you if you think you may need more
  • Glasses: make sure they’re clean
  • Women: nothing too short or low cut, no shiny fabrics or anything with a small or possibly reflective print, and err on the side of a more natural look with hair and makeup.

Determine Your Shooting Locations

Your website’s photos should contain a mixture of locations, including your practice area’s skyline, parts of your office, near a courthouse, and outdoor settings.

The following areas make great locations for your photoshoot:

  • Lawyer’s offices
  • Your law practice’s lobby
  • Conference rooms at the office
  • In/around the courthouse
  • Somewhere with a view of the city skyline
  • Parks and clean outdoor spaces

Having a variety of locations give your team more options to choose from, and allows for more diverse and interesting images on your website.

Types of Photos for your Law Firm Photoshoot

Wide Shots (very important)

Wide shots with members of your law firm are wonderful for inserting logos later on. Ideally, the people in these photos should be lined up on the left or right side of the frame, leaving space for graphics and taglines to be added later on. This type of photo can be used to generate website banners and social media cover photos.


Headshots are key photos for the “About Us” section of your website. All essential personnel of your firm should have two great headshots for promotional use on websites, social media, and print advertising.

Action Shots

Action shots should depict images of your legal team hard at work. Great examples of action shots include pictures of you and your team pouring over files in a conference room, on the phone, or conferring with a client. It’s important that these photos appear natural to your website’s viewers.

Location Shots

Photos of your practice help familiarize potential clients with your office. A few photos (without people) of your lobby and conference room should suffice. Some wide angle shots of your local courthouse and your city’s skyline are useful as well. These shots could also be used to develop website banners, cover photos for social media, and other materials, too.

Anything else

If your firm has a distinctive visual element or landmark that you want to profile, feel free to include it. More visual choices are generally better when building a website.

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Once you have all your photos, you’ll need someone to help arrange them on your website. At Legends Legal Marketing, we work diligently with our clients to create effective marketing strategies and websites. Learn more about our services and how we can ensure your attorney website becomes a lively representation of your unique firm to draw in the clients you deserve.