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Small but Mighty:

The Niche Lawyer Podcast


Lexlee Overton trial lawyer, shamanic practitioner Louisiana

Episode 19: Empowering Your Practice and Empowering Your Mind

- Louisiana Trial Lawyer, Shamanic Practitioner, and Executive Coach and Founder of Mind Over Law(TM) Lexlee…

Episode 18: From In-House Contract Lawyer to Legal Educator (and Cartoonist!)

- Austin-Based Lawyer, Author, and Founder of How to Contract(TM) Laura Frederick

Episode 17: Going in a Direction, Not in a Destination

- New Orleans/Brussels Joyful + Thriving™ Coach, Lawyer & Educator Sheila Wilkinson

Episode 16: Truly Being in Someone’s Corner

- St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorneys Rick & Jenna Fletcher

Episode 15: Avoiding Friction and Using Your Resources

- New Orleans' Ernie the Attorney on Automation, Remote Work, and Outsourcing


Episode 14: How to “Balance” it All – Family, Careers & More

- New Orleans Succession Lawyer Amanda Sullivan on Setting Expectations for Your Loved Ones and Your…

Episode 13: “The Importance of Self-Care… For You and Your Clients”

- New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer Megan Kiefer on Working Through Trauma

Episode 12: “Planning Ahead is a Favor to Those You Care About”

- Michigan Estate Planning Lawyer Julie Paquette on the Importance of Making an Estate Plan Now

Episode 11: “You Learn Over Time”

- Port St. Lucie Immigration Lawyer Olivia Cummings on Starting Your Own Firm

Episode 10: “What Sets You Apart is a Strength, Not a Weakness”

- New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Aubrey Harris on Victim Advocacy

Episode 9: “Hot Tips and Tools for the Client Journey”

- Vermont Personal Injury Attorney Drew Palcsik on Situating People Where They Are in the Process