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It might be easy to dismiss social media as a place to argue over politics or share heartwarming videos of cuddly critters, but the truth is that Facebook is a vehicle that embraces modern consumer habits and reaches hundreds of millions of people. Facebook has had an enormous impact on the way that people communicate and network. It’s also changed the way that many people get their news. Everyone from Fortune 500 corporations to news networks is utilizing Facebook to engage with their audiences and build their brands.

Marketing is how businesses, including law firms, expand their reach to potential clients. Now that the Internet is here to stay and more accessible than ever before, many people turn to social media for entertainment. This means that conventional advertising and marketing initiatives on radio and television might not be as effective as reaching out to social media users on platforms like Facebook.

A well-made Facebook marketing campaign can help you tap into potential clients on a local level with customizable content that accurately represents your law firm’s values and successes. Following are some of the ways that Facebook Ads can help lawyers.


Expanding Your Access to Potential Clients

Facebook has hundreds of millions of active users. Not only do these users peruse content, they engage with it. The two-way communication aspect Facebook presents—with commenting and sharing features—can help attorneys appeal to people who have shut out conventional media in favor of interactive platforms.

Utilizing Facebook for its advertising services and its free business pages helps law firms build a brand. Modern consumers appreciate visibility and transparency. They want to know the faces behind the names of firms and companies. They also want to know how businesses operate. Do they care about their clients’ satisfaction? Are they practicing social responsibility? Today’s consumers make informed decisions before they do business, and lawyers can use Facebook to educate their potential clients about their practice’s mission and services.

Facebook Ads give law firms an opportunity to introduce their team and services in a transparent, candid format. Attorneys can build recognition for a myriad of important things such as pro-bono work that helps a person in need or a recent settlement victory that changed a client’s life for the better. These campaigns can appear educational in nature and convey a lawyer’s expertise to the public,  both things that modern consumers appreciate.

Did you know that 90% of millennials would switch their loyalties to brands and firms that practice social responsibility? This means that advertising your achievements like pro-bono work, charitable contributions, and noteworthy verdicts could lead to converting social media users into real-life clients.

Targeting Specific Demographics

Facebook Ads allow businesses the ability to target specific demographics. Facebook has proprietary algorithms that can target social media users based on the content they click on within Facebook, their interests, and their biographical information such as age and location.

For example, if you’re a family law attorney who focuses on divorces and custody, your Facebook Ad campaign could target local users who belong to support groups for newly-single parents. This form of advertising could place your campaign right before the eyes of a person who could legitimately benefit from your services.

Building a Brand with Customizable Content

Facebook Ads gives you complete control of your law firm’s brand. This control can ensure that your marketing content meets your standards and accurately portrays your services. Not only do lawyers control the titles and pictures of their ads, they also control whether these ads link to their law firm’s Facebook business page or direct social media users to their website.

Advertising isn’t limited to the written word, either. Short videos can be uploaded that contain client testimonials, a brief introduction from the firm’s lead attorneys, and so much more.

Affordable Legal Marketing

Compared to the cost of radio and television advertising, Facebook Ads is quite affordable. A Facebook Ad campaign can reach as many people as a highway billboard and the people reached could already express a very real interest in services you provide based on their online activity.

In fact, Facebook Ads can be more affordable than Google Ad Words, where many competitive keywords can exceed $100 per click. This isn’t to say that Google Ad Words isn’t useful, it just means that Facebook Ads is a service that’s worth your attention, too.


Metrics Help Measure Effectiveness

Law firms who use Facebook Ads have access to a dashboard with metrics. These metrics detail the amount of users whose feeds contained the advertisement, how many people clicked on the content, and how many shared it. Metrics like this can help an attorney gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns, and build future campaigns to replicate previously successful ones.

If online legal marketing has your head spinning, contact our team. We can help you leverage Facebook Ads to your advantage. From organic SEO to mobile-friendly websites, our team is here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of Internet marketing.