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Video Production Guide

Creating videos to promote your law firm doesn’t have to involve expensive gear or a production crew. If done correctly, you can create high quality videos that attract your ideal clients with nothing more than a cell phone and a tripod (and maybe an extra set of hands). Below is a quick guide on everything you need to get started:

What equipment do you need?

iPhone (anything that can record high-quality (at least 1080p) video)
Tripod (to stabilize your phone while taking video)
Lighting (make sure you are in a well lit space)
A quiet space to record (with no echo; ideally carpeted or a room with a rug)


This will help stabilize your phone, so it’s not shakey or doesn’t fall over if you prop it up.


If you can’t get your hands on or don’t want to buy lighting, the iPhone looks great in natural light, so position yourself facing a window and use the sun. In a pinch, a bright lamp will brighten up the frame. If you do want lighting, below are our picks.


Good audio can make or break a video. And if you’re filming your video in a quiet space, then the built-in mic is fine, but there are other instances when you’ll probably benefit from having an external microphone.

You’ve got the equipment, now what?

Record in a quiet, well lit room
Control the light by closing/opening blinds and curtains
Utilise whatever electric lights are in-situ (table lamps, overhead lighting, monitors/tv screens)
Stand your subject facing a source of light (a window for example) to illuminate them on screen – avoid shooting against bright backgrounds.
By following these three basic principles you will be able to use the light to fill the frame that you are filming, as well as direct the light onto the subject of the film in the most appealing way and will avoid distracting shadows. It is always worth spending a few minutes trying out different positions and taking some sample clips before filming to ensure you are happy with the lighting.

Make sure the camera is at the same height as the subject.
This will give you the best angle and will make it feel more natural.

Avoid shooting the subject up against a wall.
Leave room behind the subject as this will avoid casting shadows. When a subject is shot right up against a wall or background, the entire plane of sight appears in-focus, making it difficult for the viewer to focus on one thing.

Camera in horizontal position
Never record video vertically.

Do not use zoom on your phone.

Put your phone in airplane mode
This avoids interruptions.

Best practices

Keep them short

(under a minute and a half)

Frame yourself properly

(example below)



Make sure what you’re saying is both interesting and informational (and something your ideal client wants to know).
Pick ONE topic per video. Only talk about one specific topic; ideally an answer to a frequently asked question.
Make it short (one minute to a minute and a half is the ideal length)
We recommend jotting down a list of frequently asked questions or things that you often explain to clients on the front end of your relationship, and then picking one of those to address with for your first video.
If you’re not finding any inspiration, check out what other lawyers are doing on their youtube channels.

Pro Tip:

If this is your first time, don’t record 10 videos at once. Start with one, and then send it to your marketing team or coworkers for feedback. That way you can make improvements and then move on to other videos.

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