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Before I tell you about why you should consider switching your web host to WP Engine, let’s go through a quick primer of what exactly web hosting is.

WEB HOSTING: The space where your website actually lives online.

Examples of hosting providers: WP Engine, Bluehost, Godaddy, Rackspace, and you’ve probably even known of people who have their own “servers,” meaning they are able to host websites on their own devices – sort of like a hard drive.

I always recommend a large cloud-based hosting provider (rather than some local developer with a server in his basement) for several reasons:

  • They are more dependable
  • They’re more flexible
  • They’re more affordable

If you’re still using a starter website application like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly, your hosting is included in the service.

Note: I say “starter” website, because these are not good long term platforms for building SEO; but we’ll get to that in another post.

If your website is built on WordPress or another custom platform, you’ll need hosting.

And you SHOULD have 100% ownership of both your hosting account and your domain account.

Over the years, we’ve tried out numerous hosting companies for our business and clients.

Bluehost has been my go-to since it’s reliable, affordable and can also house your domains within the same account. 

But there are a few things that made me envious of WP Engine users that made me decide to give it a try:


Automatic WordPress Plugin Updates

This is HUGE. Unlike most web developers, Conversations does not charge marked up monthly hosting fees to our clients. At the end of a project, we turn over all logins, passwords, and train you on how to manage your site from that point on. We don’t WANT you to need us (although we’re here if you do). But one of the hardest things to train a busy lawyer how to do is WordPress Plugin Updates. However, if they aren’t done, you could run into compatibility issues with plugin features. So having this done automatically is a game changer, time saver, and money saver.


SSL Certificate Included

SSL Certificates are getting more and more important. They help build SEO / Google credibility and they also keep your information and client data sent through your website more secure. Typically they run about $100/year + installation and setup fees – but WP Engine takes care of this for you. Click here to read more about SSL Certificates and why your firm needs one.


One Step WordPress Setup

With WP Engine, you don’t have to be a developer or follow a complicated list of directions to install your WordPress site. It happens INSTANTLY.


WP Engine Hosting Cost

While Bluehost hosting costs around $10/month and WP Engine hosting costs about $30, when you factor in what you’re saving on an SSL Certificate and Plugin Updates, you actually come out ahead.

NOTE: WP Engine, as you may have guessed, is exclusive to WordPress. So if your website is built on something different, this won’t be the right solution for you.


Not sure what your site is built on?

Go to and enter your domain.

It’ll tell you everything about your site from hosting and domain providers to your content network to whether or not you have Google Analytics installed. If you see “Wordpress” anywhere, that means you’re on WordPress.