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Before you set a goal to collect and utilize client testimonials, it’s vital that you know and understand the bar rules in your state. While some states have pretty lenient guidelines, others have very strict rules about what you can collect and use. Make sure to review your state’s bar rules before you begin any strategy to collect client testimonials.

Satisfaction Surveys

One of the easiest ways to gather client testimonials is to provide each client with the chance to tell you about their experience via client survey. A document with carefully chosen questions and a self-addressed stamped envelope can work miracles (but be sure to ask if you can use their comments for marketing purposes!) Though many clients won’t take the time to fill out the survey, the few that do will be worth the effort. Genuine words from former clients have a deep appeal to potential clients when presented correctly.

Online Reviews

There are many websites where clients can leave reviews, but Google, Avvo, Facebook, and Yelp are the big four for attorneys. These are the sites you want reviews on. Clients who are extremely satisfied tend to let you know, but if they aren’t letting you know personally, there’s a chance they’re letting your paralegal know. This communication is a golden opportunity to collect online reviews. When clients express their gratitude and thanks, your paralegal can tell them the best thank you is an online review. Just be ready with more direction! Be sure to let them know which type of review you want. Do you feel you need to focus your reviews on Avvo? Or would you prefer more Google reviews? In general, when asked, truly satisfied clients will take the time to write a review.  

Ask for Help

If you’re already immersed in the online marketing and advertising world, there’s a good chance you already have an email newsletter and a growing list of former clients to send it to. As part of your next email newsletter, try introducing a “Help Us Do Better” section. With a catchy headline, well-formed questions, and an easy response method, you’ll have a new tool that will provide you with valuable marketing material.

Video Testimonials

By nature, most people enjoy attention. Asking a happy client to attest to their satisfaction with your firm is likely to be a “yes,” so set aside space, buy a video camera, and learn to use it. Impromptu, as well as scheduled, video testimonials can be a real gold mine of marketing material because what former clients say can be used as marketing copy! Even more importantly, you might get a great video to add to your website. No matter what happens, your arsenal of marketing tools will continue to grow.  

Amassing usable client testimonials and reviews is a process that takes time and consistent effort. It takes research, planning, and execution to get right, but the work will likely supply you with priceless content that will resonate with your audience. Be be wary of anyone promising you quick results. Real, heartfelt words of appreciation, reviews, and videos take time to gather, but they have a lasting effect on your reputation and your firm.

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