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At Legends Legal Marketing, we encourage each and every one of our clients to include attorney biographies on their firm’s website.

That’s because these biographies help you tell a story — not just your story, but the story of your firm and the story of your brand.

A great bio will not only tell potential clients more about you, but it will also establish a sense of trust right off the bat. 

And when it comes to turning passive site visitors into active leads, trust is everything. 

Your biography is your opportunity to help clients put a face to the name. It’s your chance to not only tell them about yourself (your accomplishments, your family, your hobbies) but also what they can expect from you and your firm.

The problem is that many lawyers think that accomplishments and cases won for their clients is all that people visiting your site care about. 

And yes — those things are very important. Those are the things that will secure them as clients.

But what will make you stand out from the crowd and what will make you memorable is your STORY.

How personal should I get?

How personal you want your bio to be all comes down to a matter of preference, and we’ve seen it all. Here are the three main designations we offer our clients. 

The Basics

Some lawyers want to keep their bio on the work side of things, including just where they went to school and the philosophy of their firm. 

That’s fine, but you’ll need to work hard to make sure that it’s still engaging. You don’t want your clients to forget who you are just because your bio was so similar to all the others they read.

Here’s an excerpt from a biography about Lisa Sherman, an employment attorney in California. Note how the personal touch of her New York upbringing is tied into winning, and how her philosophy of employment law jumps out at you.

attorney lisa sherman biography

A Balance

If you’re comfortable adding a little more personality and flare to your bio, we highly recommend it. 

It doesn’t have to be anything incredibly personal or about your struggles in life (although, if that’s what you’re after, see the bio option below). Just include something that will help you stand out a little bit in the reader’s memory, or something that makes you relatable to the clients you’re trying to attract.

Check out Chris Shows’ bio. He and his partner run a personal injury firm out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Not only did we choose to include the motorcycle connection for this one — their firm deals with vehicle accidents of all types — but we even went so far as to include photos of this personal touch.

Attorney Chris Shows Biography

The Open Book

For those with no problem sharing their personal story with clients (or potential clients), consider laying it all out there.

Clients love knowing what drove lawyers to their profession, and a relatable tale can do wonders for attorney-client relationships. 

The danger here is getting too detailed. Clients don’t need to know where your grandfather grew up just to get a sense of why you became an attorney. You need to strike a balance of what’s relevant to your story. 

Bill Gilbert, a successful Washington attorney who focuses on personal injury and civil rights, has had struggles in his life. And because those struggles allow him to relate to his clients and what they’re going through, he chose to include them in his biography.

Attorney bill gilbert biography

What else should I include in my bio?

Bios can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be just a couple paragraphs, or multiple pages of text.

In general, however, here are some of the main things you’ll probably want to include in your bio:

  • WHO: Who you are/ Personal experience that makes you relatable
  • WHAT: What led you to practice in this field of the law
  • WHEN: How long have you been practicing law?
  • WHERE: Where you’re from and where you practice
  • WHY: Why this field of the law is important/ Your values
  • EXTRA: Some details about your personal life (children, pets, hobbies, etc.)

At the end of the day, you want your bio to be honest, open, and welcoming, but within limits. You want to be sure you’re telling the right part of your story — the part that will bring you the client base you want. 

It can be a difficult balance, but it’s 100% worth it.

Got questions about the bio process? Conversations can help you through it

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